Southwest Is Having a Flash Sale That Ends Tonight

The phrase "Christmas in July" suddenly become a whole lot more meaningful. Right now, Southwest Airlines is running a flash sale on

flights for the months of November and December, and you should make the most of this opportunity immediately. I am fully aware that

the next holidays appear to be so far away, and I am also aware that your style consists of waiting until three weeks — or even days —

before Thanksgiving for your mother to phone and ask for the confirmation of your travel. However, in order to maximize your

chances of successfully snagging, say, a flight for $95, you need probably get your act together.

You will pay $95 for one direction of travel if you are going from Newark, New Jersey to Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Prices start at $47 for

travel from Long Beach, California to Las Vegas, Nevada. There are also some pretty sick international deals, like Chicago, Illinois to Cancun, 

Mexico, for $181. These offers make me want to say "screw going home for the holidays; 

I'm escaping somewhere warm!" but I don't know why. Sorry, Mom!

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