Southwest Reduces Cleaning Between Flights

As the number of flights begins to climb in the midst of the continuing coronavirus pandemic, Southwest Airlines is decreasing the stringency of its cleaning procedures.

According to a memo to flight attendants that was acquired by USA Today, the airline will start putting more of an emphasis on cleaning

high-touch surfaces between flights beginning on August 1. This includes the restrooms and the tray tables, both of which are cleaned

with disinfectant before each flight. "These are the most important areas to clean between each flight as they are prone to contamination

Therefore, what won't be cleaned prior to each and every takeoff? Per the memo, seatbelts and armrests won't be cleaned between each flight.

They will, however, continue to be sanitized as part of Southwest's enhanced overnight cleaning, which typically lasts for roughly 

six to seven hours and takes place overnight. Sanitizing wipes, which can be used to clean surfaces onboard, are available upon request by passengers.

A Southwest representative informed House Beautiful in a statement that the airline has also implemented a new cleaning system in

response to the pandemic. This new cleaning procedure involves using an electrostatic disinfectant and an anti-microbial spray on each and

every surface of the aircraft at least once every month. The disinfectant and spray " [kill] viruses on contact and [form] an anti-microbial coating, or shield, for 30 days.

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