Starbucks Is Going to Infuse Coffee with Olive Oil 

Starbucks introduced a game-changing line of drinks this week that contains olive oil in its coffee. American fans are giving their initial views 

of the chain's "Oleato" line, which debuted in Italy today. A global rollout is pending. After arriving in the US, olive-oil coffee may confront skepticism.

The first European introduction comprises Partanna extra virgin olive oil-infused Caffé Latte, Iced Shaken Espresso, and cold brew with olive oil 

cold foam. The Starbucks Reserve Milan Roastery will add an Iced Cortado and Golden Foam Espresso Martini to its Oleato menu.

In a Facebook statement, the brand expressed eagerness for customers to try the new range, but the flavor combination confused and even defied some.

"It's not even April 1st yet!" one Facebook user commented, suggesting the new line was an April Fool's Day hoax. "Nope. I'll drink black coffee "replied another.

Starbucks will introduce Oleato to Southern California this spring, followed by the U.K., Japan, and the Middle East later this year.

Oleato launched in Italy because Starbucks CEO Howard Shultz said the country inspired the line. Schultz began drinking olive oil with his 

morning coffee in Sicily last year. Inspired, he tried the two together and was "absolutely stunned at the unique flavor and texture created

It provided an unexpected, silky, buttery flavor that enhanced coffee and stays pleasantly on the palate in both hot and cold coffee beverages, he said.

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