Stop Storing These Goods In The Refrigerator

 Honey seizes and crystallizes in cold temperatures and lasts longer than expected at room temperature.


Cold temperatures turn potato starch into sugar, making it overly sweet and grainy. Store them in a paper bag in a dark, cool pantry.


Whole onions require air to stay fresh, so store them in a paper bag with holes in the cupboard. Potatoes can destroy them with gas and moisture.


Though counterintuitive, refrigerating baked goods makes them stale. To keep cake and cookies fresh, store them outside in a container.

Baked Goodies 

Avoid putting tomatoes in the fridge, where chilled air mushes them and delays flavor-enhancing chemical processes.

The Tomato

 The fridge prevents mold but dries out the loaf. Save extra bread in the freezer, but if you eat it quickly, keep it on the counter.

Bread Slices

 Basil in the fridge quickly turns black. Instead, keep it on the counter with its stems submerged in water like a flower.