The Most Harmful Home Items

Falls are the most common home accident. They're often triggered by stairs. Install railings and lighting for safety. Families with children should put baby gates at the top and bottom of the staircase.

The Stairs

Due to their fire-causing potential, space heaters are dangerous. Though necessary, you must monitor them. Keep it three feet (one meter) from flammables when using. It should never run unchecked.

Space Heaters

Unsecured windows endanger kids. Install window guards with an emergency release button for domestic fires to avoid falls. Toddlers shouldn't crawl on furniture near windows.

The Windows

Poor extension cords are highly combustible. Avoid cheap extension cords. Replace damaged ones immediately.

Extension Cords

Uncleansed humidifiers may cause more damage than good. Too much inactivity can cause mold. They blow microorganisms directly into your air when switched on.


Burns are most likely to occur in the kitchen, especially to children. Never leave kids in the kitchen unattended to avoid burns.


Bathtubs can drown children unexpectedly. Fortunately, watching your kids during bath time can prevent it.


Small children who fit in dryers are at risk. They also pose a family fire risk. Keep your lint catcher clean to prevent fires.


Dry, real Christmas trees can catch fire easily. Non-real Christmas trees can also catch fire, but less often.

A Christmas Tree

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