This Beloved 1990s Cereal Is Coming Back to Grocery Store

Some dishes will always be unique to us and bring back memories with each taste. Sugary,

tasty old-school cereals take us back to Sunday mornings with cartoons and no worries.

After its devastating 2018 discontinuation, one iconic cereal will return to shelves.

Post Consumer Brands confirmed Waffle Crisp's permanent return. Walmart will sell the cereal in June, and additional retailers will follow in

July. Fans of Waffle Crisp may enjoy the same wonderful taste in a new box. Customers can choose between an 11.5-ounce box or a 20-ounce family box

Waffle Crisp joined Post's Honeycomb, Grape-Nuts, PEBBLES, Raisin Bran, and other products in 1996. The cereal combines the goodness of

a homemade waffle into bite-sized squares, and 90s kids may recall the brand's early ads showcasing grannies hand-making each waffle.

Fans demanded the restoration of Waffle Crisp after its market disappearance. Post listened and stated it will provide 10 free boxes of

the cereal to randomly selected fans on social media before the official re-release date to thank "fans' continued patience".

The cereal maker took public feedback into account when it withdrew Oreo O's in 2007 and brought it back in 2017.

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