Treatment And Prevention Of Dizziness

Therefore, drink lots of water. Average four to six cups daily. Person, activity level, temperature, and other things will determine this.

Drink Water

Our bodies require sodium, but not too much or too little. Too little salt can cause dizziness and dehydration by preventing water retention.

 Salt Consumption

Vitamin and mineral deficits can produce dizziness.  B12 deficiency can induce dizziness and nerve and circulatory system issues.

Vitamins And Minerals

Side effects of most drugs include dizziness. Watch out for drug interactions that can induce dizziness. Always consult your doctor.


Many heart problems cause dizziness. Dizziness results from these disorders' effects on blood flow, particularly the brain.

 Heart Health

Vision issues can affect the vestibular system and induce dizziness. Presbyopia, a common disorder that worsens with age, is one of numerous eye problems that induce dizziness.

Check Your Eyes

Physical therapy isn't simply for injury or surgical recovery. It may also relieve dizziness in some circumstances.

Physical Therapy

Lightheadedness and other dizziness are prevalent in anxiety, especially in acute episodes like panic attacks.

Control Anxiety