Trendy Hairstyles for Fashion-Forward Teenage Boys

1. Messy Textured Hair

This hairstyle is characterized by a textured, slightly disheveled appearance obtained with a matte hair product. It exudes a relaxed and effortless aura.

2. Undercut

The undercut involves shortening the sides and rear of the head while leaving the top of the head longer.

3. Spiky Hair

For an edgy and modern appearance, spike up the hair with a strong-hold gel or pomade.

4. Long Fringe

For a stylish and contemporary look, keep the front hair longer to create a long fringe that can be swept to the side or styled with texture.

5. Taper Fade

The taper fade is characterized by progressively trimmed sides and back that blend into longer hair on top, producing a clean and stylish appearance.

6. Curly Hair with Undercut

Boys with curly hair can embrace their natural texture by getting an undercut on the sides and back and leaving the spirals longer on top.

7. Faux Hawk

This contemporary variation on the mohawk involves maintaining the hair longer in the middle and styling it upward, while leaving the sides unshaven.

8. Mid-Length Surfer Hair

For boys with medium-length hair, a surfer-inspired style with beachy waves can convey a carefree and relaxed disposition.

9. Dyed Hair

Experiment with different hair colors or highlights to add a unique flourish to your hairstyle and express your individuality.