Unique US Fairytale Places

Lake Tahoe isn't only for spring break crazy college students. Visitors outside peak tourist season will find this lovely site peaceful and calm.

Bonsai Rock 

What is a dream-like waterfall if not this one? Bridal Falls, Oregon's tallest waterfall, is 620 feet tall.

Multnomah Falls 

Aspen, Colorado, is known for its ski resorts, but its shimmering lakes and stunning fall foliage make it a year-round destination.


 It may look like an enchanted woodland in China, but this is in Hawaii. The one-mile trip to Maui's magnificent Pipiwai Trail is worth it.

Forest Of Bamboo

Who says you need to fly to Europe to visit a beautiful castle? A 1904 architectural marvel is among the 1000 Islands near Alexandria Bay.

Boldt Castle 

This stunning northern Utah locale offers a winter scene straight out of a novel.

The Midway Ice Castles

In Tyringham, this cottage is a storybook vision. The town was settled in 1739, and the colonial residence was built from a barn. 

Santarella Gingerbread House

A great variety of fauna awaits discovery in this amazing maritime park. There are endless exploration opportunities, from hiking through verdant forests to whale viewing in azure oceans.

Glacier Bay