Worst Dog Breeds for All 9 Horoscope Signs

Aries: Dachshunds

 They think that being honest is better for a relationship than letting things grow in the background, even if it's hard on the other person. 

Taurus: Jack Russell Terriers

It's not good for a Taurus to have a Jack Russell because they are impatient. As an earth sign, Taurus works a bit like the Earth itself: land masses move, but each moves at its own speed. 

Gemini: Australian Shepherds

A lot of Geminis like to just go with the flow. They like to keep their schedules loose so that they can do things at the last minute.

Cancer: Shiba Inus

Cancer is the sign of caring and being kind. They love to give, and one thing that really bothers them is when people don't care or are detached. 

Leo: Goldendoodles

Leos care about manners and respect. It gets annoying for them quickly if someone doesn't say hello or acts badly. Being polite is important to them, which is why doodles don't work for them. 

Virgo: St. Bernards

A lot of things bother Virgos. Make a Virgo mad by not picking up after yourself and not putting dirty shoes by the door or leaving food on the table. 

Libra: Pomeranians

Libras hate people who complain. They like being around people and want to have fun. If you're not into it, they don't want to be around you.

Scorpio: Vizslas

Scorpio is a mystery sign that values its own space and freedom. They don't like it when people are always interested in their personal life.

Sagittarius: Bulldogs

People born under the sign of Sagittarius love being free and spontaneous. They're friendly and funny, and they like to hang out with people who are like them as much as possible.